Friday, May 20, 2011

Gazelle Simmons of Admin Services! Come and Meet Her!

It is a beautiful Friday and I am excited to introduce you to a beautiful woman inside and out! Gazelle Simmons is a Virtual Assistant who has recently written a few book and has a passion to help people succeed in business. Head on over to her Facebook Page and introduce yourself! I love how 
we can make new friends and build new relationships online. 

1. Your Name- Gazelle Simmons
2. Name of your business/blog or both – Admin Services
3. Why you came online – To reach out to more people than I could met offline
4. What your passion is. – Helping others to excel. I enjoy being the wind beneath my clients wings.

You can also find Gazelle at  LinkedIn and Twitter !

I want to invite you to read more from Gazelle on 
The Unique Strengths of Women Entrepreneurs

By Gazelle Simmons
No matter how long I’ve been working with a particular woman entrepreneur, I never cease to be amazed at how they can move from one area of their business to the next, while caring for a sick child and never think that what they are doing is remarkable.
Only someone who has done it can truly ever states just how important what they are doing is not just for their family but for their own well being.  There is something so rewarding in seeing that you can do things well despite the many challenges to do so.
Read the rest of the article by heading to Allied Women.
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  1. Hi Steph, Great feature on Gazelle. She is a great person who loves to help others and you have done a great thing by telling others about her.

    Have a great day,

  2. Steph,

    Gazelle is a classy lady! She's a picture of Jesus - serving others and loving her online neighbors. She excels in encouraging others and meeting the needs of those she serves. Thanks for the post!